Two Months Old

Cathy, Robert, and Jennie

Cathy, Robert, and Dr. Leitner

Matthew completing his first full bottle from Mommy!

Noah completing his first full bottle from Mommy!

Carlos, Erica, and Kylie (our nicu friends)

Matthew 2 months old 3 lbs 14oz


Noah 2 months old 5 lbs 7 oz


Robert 2 months old 4 lbs 5 oz


The Sowards Triplets (Janae was in the hospital for 6.5 wks prior to birth)

Aubrey Sowards 4 lbs 4 oz at birth

Caleah Sowards 3 lbs 6 oz at birth

Brock Sowards 5 lbs at birth

Robert May 30, 2005



Noah May 31, 2005


Robert completing his first full bottle from Mommy!

Robert June 1, 2005

Robert....under cover

Cathy and Robert giving high-fives!

Cathy and Robert


Noe and Matthew

Matthew's snuggle time with Daddy

Noe feeding Matthew


Cathy feeding's serious business I guess?!

Cathy and Noah snuggling

Snuggle time with Noah

Robert June 2, 2005

Robert....hey what's this??

Mary Beth and Robert exercising




Mary Beth working with Robert to stretch his body out

Mary Beth and Noah




Matthew with his new blanket Lisa (ranalt) made

Matthew back in his big boy bed!!

Robert and Matthew together again June 4, 2005

Aunt Bobbie and Noah

Aunt Bobbie and Noah playing

Uncle Jerry, Robert, and Matthew

Robert and Matthew

Robert and Matthew

First picture together!

Robert, Matthew, and Noah

Matthew comforting Robert

New friends!

Jennifer's gifts to the boys

Carol and the boys

Shari and the boys

Guardian puppies

Jennie and the boys

Cathy with her hands full! Robert, Matthew, and Noah

Carlos, Erica, and Kylie going home today! June 6, 2005

Robert June 8, 2005


Noah hiding from the world

Jennie holding Noah

Matthew and his buddy June 9, 2005


Noah can't beleive what Uncle Jerry just told him June 11, 2005

Aunt Bobbie and Noah


Our new cell! June 12, 2005

Robert, Noah, and Matthew

The responsible trio... Jennifer, Jennie, and Mary Beth (not pictured) that really comfortable??

Why do these nurses think I need to PRACTICE changing diapers?!

Mom...what do you think you are doing??

Awww thanks mom, I feel much better now (Noah)

All snug in bed June 13, 2005

Noah June 14, 2005

Noah and his buddy

Matthew and Noah June 17,2005

Noah with the same lower lip dent as his sister!

Matthew and his buddy



Why am I the only one awake?!


They say that the umbilical hernia will close on it's own....BUT LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT!

Robert wants his food faster!



Noe and Matthew June

Noe and Matthew

Noe, Noah, and Matthew

Noah and Matthew

Amy, Elyse, and Matthew June 25, 2005

Elyse and Noah

Eylse, Amy, and Robert