October 2006

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Matthew standing and Noah fetching

Noah is getting his paybacks for what he does to his parents

Leigha at her school Halloween party October 5, 2006

Bat Girl

Ms. VanSelow and Leigha

Leigha (yes, I have a helmet for her now) October 6, 2006

Leigha is getting better at riding her bike

Look at her go!

Noah isn't quite sure what to think of the fork!

Robert seemed pleased that he got to try a fork out!

Matthew just thought I was crazy to even hand them forks

Noah tried really hard!

Robert was liking it!

Yes! It made it into his mouth (not sure if there was any food left on the fork though)

Matthew's helmet did this to him! October 7, 2006

Matthew in his standing platform!

The kids loved to stand there and play with Matthew

Everyone thought it was neat!

Matthew and Noah

Noah kept picking up everything that Matthew would throw down

Matthew watching TV

Play-doh cookies! Not recommended unless you have tons of hours to spare!

Leigha loved them! She was so proud of her cookies!

Leigha with her pumpkin and gingerbread house she made at school October 8, 2006


Thank you Amy! We love the climber!


Leigha and Matthew

Uncle Jerry and Noah

Robert and Matthew

Leigha and Matthew

Uncle Jerry and Robert

Can you feel the love? Noah, resting on Uncle Jerry, and Robert

Uncle Jerry, Noah, and Robert

Noah feeling the grass

He's not too sure about this, it's not the softest grass!!

Leigha, Aunt Bobbie, and Noah

Matthew gets his turn in the grass

Finally, it's Robert's turn!

Aunt Bobbie and Robert


Noah and Aunt Bobbie


Uh oh, Noah found the sidewalk chalk!

Uncle Jerry and Robert

Bat Girl!


Leigha loves the Belle dress Grandma gave her last Christmas

Snow White

Noah is back in the hospital for his 3rd Bronchoscopy (and more) October 10, 2006

Every time he goes there, the outfit starts to fit better! Love those pigs!

Noah was driving around the hospital

Leigha had her hair done when Daddy got his hair cut October 14, 2006

Can you tell she was excited?

Leigha is a true artist!

Just wait and see what I make, Mom!

Leigha tired her self out

Ashley and Clint


Noah and Robert playing peek-a-boo

Leigha is excited for her day with her dad!

Leigha greeting the Queen at the Renaissance Fair

Leigha had a great day with her Dad!

Noe's friends were working the festival


Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jerry brought balloons to me after my surgery (one from each kid) October 15, 2006

Matthew, Leigha, Robert, Noah, and Cathy

Cathy and Grandma with the kids

Cathy, Leigha, Grandma, Matthew, Noah, and Robert

We picked the wrong couch for all 6 of us!

Grandma and Robert

Robert trying to perform a balancing act!


Matthew trying out the Stage 3 Spaghetti with circular noodles

Doesn't this face say it all?

The good news is that he didn't throw up!

Just think of these as the before pictures

Not sure Noah knew what to think of this particular sauce

Since Mom wasn't supposed to pick up the kids for a week, she got the bright idea to feed the kids the messiest dinner ever!

This is pretty unbelievable for me!

Matthew had to get a bit messy too!

Leigha quietly read while they were making disasters of themselves

No, really Noah, you eat it!

Ugh, remind me to never serve that food again!

My mom and I took the kids to the park to meet up with our other triplet friends! (Noah) October 16, 2006



Noah and Robert loved their new found freedom!

Robert was all over the place, he stopped occasionally to watch the other kids!


Grandma and Matthew (who was rolling all around in the grass!)

Noah kept getting lazy with the walking, guess I should have put him in shoes before this!

Noah taking a breather

Leigha had a blast!


Robert was on the RUN!

Grandma helped Noah along so that he wouldn't try to run!

Leigha wasn't ready to leave

Leigha can hear the ice cream truck from blocks away! October 17, 2006

She even got to sit in the driver's seat!

Grandma had a surprise for the boys!

My boys LOVE their rings!

Each of the rings has a rattle or an animal sound

Thanks Grandma!




Fun all the way around!

Even Smokey was in the middle of it

Too bad we couldn't get them all balancing one on their head at the same time!

I found out that putting Matthew in his standing platform is HARD unless you have a crew! We didn't leave him in too long because his leg positions were off

The boys always have a great time!

Leigha was on a treasure hunt with her Dad! October 19, 2006

She loves rocks! Grandma even got her a rock tumbler!


Leigha in disguise (excuse the mess)

Crista, Rachel, Cathy, and Amy October 20, 2006

Rachel, Amy, and Crista with their walktails!

Crista and Cathy

We flew all the way to Paris! Rachel




Crista with her "hands full" October 21, 2006

Do you think my kids are just a bit overwhelming?

But they are great to snuggle with!!!

Crista, Rachel, Noah, Matthew, Leigha, and Robert

We finally got our Choo Choo Wagon!!! October 22, 2006

Now how many heads do you think we turned today?

Now Leigha can ride her bike (YES, I HAVE A HELMET FOR HER NOW) while I pull the kids around the neighborhood!

Talk about a long train!

This is what happens when two sets of triplets get together for dinner October 23, 2006

It was the first time our kids have been healthy enough to get together at a house. What a difference a few months make! No one fussed when our kids switched moms.

Matthew and Robert felt right at home (notice the mess they were making)

Robert and Jaxon

The boys were having a good time on their Love Sac!

Robert, Matthew, Cathy, Lucas, and Wyatt





Getting ready to head to school October 26, 2006

Trunk-or-Treat at Kesterson

Here go the monkeys!

Super Heroes Unite!

The boys LOVED watching Leigha and looking around!

Aunt Bobbie joined us in our fun, so I am actually IN a picture (didn't say it was pretty)


Great decorations!

Leigha, Noah, Robert, and Matthew

Leigha and her classmates

From front to back, Matthew, Robert, and Noah

On our way home!

This is how we go to bed these days

Robert used to be in the lead, but now he keeps getting interested with Leigha's desk (he's eyeing it through the railing)

Matthew either tries to pull up on the railing or Dad helps him "crawl" up the stairs

Cathy and Matthew

Noah pulls in the lead

Robert finally makes it!

Then the games begin....the blankets and lovies are thrown in and out about 10 times before lights go out

Matthew passes his down to Noah so he can throw them over

Robert always pitches Minnie first, then blankets

They think this is just hysterical

Uncle Jerry and his crew October 27, 2006

It's not as easy as it used to be!

Uncle Jerry, Leigha, and Matthew

Poor Aunt Bobbie suffers from the Mother syndrome (not in many pictures because she is the one taking them!)

Leigha trying to balance as many as she can!

It's getting heavy!

Look at all of the hugs!

Summerlin NICU Playdate October 28, 2006

Jennifer watching Mary Beth and Matthew

Playtime on the mats

It was nice to let them just run free

The Grubbs are another extension of our family...our kids go right to them! Look at the cute Ooompa Lumpas

Evan was a 25 week old baby born a few months before our trio




There was no way to keep all three boys in there for the picture!

After we finally got all of the other kids out of our wagon, it was time to load up the boys

Jennifer, Evan, Matthew, Robert, and Noah

Robert and Leigha


Robert LOVES his new Rocking Puppy! We just picked it up from another triplet family! THANKS!!

Leigha was trying to stop dad from looking at a girl on the TV!

Such a smart girl!

Leigha at the Ghost and Goblins of Nevada's Past October 28, 2006

Leigha was all set to go trick-or-treating!

Watching Leigha trick-or-treat!

Leigha had a great time!

Matthew loved gazing at the stars

Even the train was decorated!

Noah and Matthew


Matthew is getting a bit better about pushing up on his arms!



Halloween night with our neighbors October 31, 2006

Leigha loved the pumpkins

The boys LOVED watching Leigha

Now those people have some spirit (and a lot of bug issues)

After over 2 hours, the boys were finally home!

Matthew just monkeying around

Noah assuming his dance stance in front of the TV

Robert already found the wipes


Leigha and her best friend!