November 2006

I am just trying to catch up on pictures. I will add the subtitles as soon as I can!

Leigha's Kindergarten picture!

Teaching science is NOT my thing! November 3, 2006

How would you feel if you opened a box and 13 enormous (compared to the other teachers') crayfish came at you? NOT CONTAINED, but loose in the box?

Uncle Jerry and Noah November 9, 2006

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Bobbie are babysitting. What's in Robert's hand?

Leigha, Robert, Noah, and Uncle Jerry

Leigha, Noah, and Uncle Jerry

Hanging out while Mom is in California with Matthew

Can you tell Noah needs a haircut?

Noah has the giggles!

Robert found something to draw on!

Uncle Jerry should know better than to trust Robert!

The devious smile says it all!

Aunt Bobbie and Noah

Can he be any happier?

The strangest tea party you will ever see. Tea set on Matthew's standing contraption, Uncle Jerry on vanity bench, Leigha on rocking chair, and Robert in a car booster seat!

Uncle Jerry is a GREAT sport!

Robert LOVES his puppy! Thanks Laraine!

Maybe he loves it too much?


Peek-a-boo! I see you Leigha!

Noah and Robert at work in their corner!

I am not sure who uses the cat post more, the cats or the kids?!

Is this Robert or Noah, I can't tell.....Looks like Robert but the toothbrush says otherwise!

The Ybarra Prison!

How pathetic (and cute) they look!


Two kids playing, Uncle Jerry and Robert November 10, 2006

Robert and Uncle Jerry

Noah wanted in on this action too!

I think they have more fun when we aren't there!

Robert and Leigha just hanging out!

Matthew at Shriner's Hospital in LA

He LOVED this mirror!

I think he would have rather stayed here all day than actually see doctors!

I think we need a full length mirror at home!


Matthew's room, ROAR!

He was having a blast!

Happy 40th Birthday, Daddy!

Matthew, Leigha, Robert, Noah, and Noe

Noe got a new digital camera that has video and sound!

Aunt Bobbie and Leigha made him a cake!


Rub-a-dub-dub, three one year olds ina tub! November 15, 2006

Noah, Matthew, and Robert

Donuts with Dad! Leigha and Noe got to have breakfast together before school started! November 16, 2006

Muffins with Mom November 17, 2006

I think Robert is a bit scared of getting in trouble!


Leigha and Robert

Noah and Aunt Bobbie sharing hugs!

Noah is a bit unsure about the puppy, but he's warming up to it!

Noah, Robert, and Leigha


Leigha, the biggest showoff!

Do you think they see us?

Noah is quite pleased with himself!

First professional haircuts! November 18, 2006

Matthew was the first victim


Robert was next, but not as thrilled at first!

This is what happens when Noe accompanies the boys to get their hair cut!

Robert loved watching TV and driving his car!

Leigha thought this place was great!

She got to watch three different shows at one time and watch her brothers get their hair cut!

Matthew looking very handsome!

Robert was having a great time now!


Why have you been cutting our hair, Mom??

Am I in the lead?

Noah likes the show Robert is watching!

WOW! I look GREAT!

It's finally Leigha's turn!

Noe takes the boys out for a walk

They love their Choo Choo Wagon

This is fun Mom, I am playing video games under my cape (is that a good idea?)


The new Leigha!


Cathy has made friends with Jr. and Mimi (the only two who haven't died) November 21, 2006

Leigha ready for her Thanksgiving Feast at school November 22, 2006


Leigha and Robert were the first to snuggle with the stuffed animals that Grandma sent them!

That's quite a handful!

Noah was excited, too!


Robert loves hugging stuffed animals!

Noah was enjoying them almost as much as Robert!

Leigha got her hugs in, too!

I think Leigha enjoys being older (and taller) than her brothers!

Noe, Matthew, and Noah

Matthew got excited when he saw the balloon!

Noe and Matthew, buddies forever!

Leigha is quite the Magna Doodle artist! November 25, 2006

We put up the bouncy house and invited the Grubbs over! November 26, 2006

Jaxon Grubb

Lucas Grubb

We threw a bunch of stuffed animals in for extra fun!

It was hard for them to stay standing!

Jaxon looks like he is about to take out Lucas!

Lucas and Jaxon Grubb

Jaxon was having a great time!



Jaxon and Wyatt

Wyatt had no desire to play in the boucy house.

They were having fun throwing soft blocks at each other!

Robert needed some rest time!

He's becoming an artist himself!

Who me?

Matthew didn't want to leave the bouncy house!

Wyatt finally gave in and went inside, but notice you never see Noah the entire night!


Nice horse!

Noah has been busy shopping!

Robert enjoying the extended playroom!

Hey, you got off Robert! My turn!

Robert LOVES Leigha's chair!

These rings are a huge hit with the boys! Matthew loves to put them on his head!

Hmmm, that chair wasn't really meant to be sat in by two kids!?

Matthew wants to include Noah!

Matthew is a big boy!

Who can balance the rings the best?

Even the Teddy Bear can balance!

Matthew, isn't that cheating?

Noah is going to be the architect or builder, he loves to build towers!

He is so proud of himself, as he should be!

Noah is versatile in his building abilities!


How perfect, they all have a book!



Giddy-up, Robert! November 27, 2006

Leigha cuddling with the animals Grandma sent!


I gained another kid since he matched my boys, I now have quads!

Lucas Grubb and Matthew


The kids had a great time exploring and playing!


Happy 30th Birthday, Laura!

Make a wish!