July 2005

First doctor's visit to Dr. Hyun June 30, 2005

Grandma trying to keep two babies happy

The boys' new bed

Three oxygen concentrators with 75 feet of tubing total (YIKES!)

Say goodbye to dining room/playroom...now bedroom

July 1, 2005



Uncle Jerry feeding Robert (very gutsy)

Uncle Jerry and the boys

Grandma and Noah, Uncle Jerry and Robert, and Aunt Bobbie and Matthew

Princess Leigha

Ashley...he is all trained and ready for grandchildren

Grandma, Leigha, and Aunt Bobbie

Beautiful hair!

Leigha and Jake at his birthday party

Leigha and Jake

This is about how far she will go in pool


Cake time!

Happy Birthday Jake!

July 2, 2005

Entertaining her brothers is tiring work!

Don't I deserve a bed? (Noah)

Aunt Bobbie and Robert napping July 4, 2005

Aunt Bobbie and Robert

Robert July 8, 2005

Cathy, Robert, Noah, and the biggest baby of them all....Smokey!

Leigha and her babies

Uncle Jerry, Noah, Grandma, and Matthew

Cathy and Robert


Leigha holding Robert July 9, 2005

Noe, Leigha, Robert, Grandma, and Noah

View from the Eiffel Tower Restaurant July 10, 2005

Happy Anniversary Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jerry!

Aunt Bobbie, Uncle Jerry, Grandma, and Grandpa

Grandpa, Aunt Bobbie, Grandma (Lynn), Matthew, Leigha, Uncle Jerry, Noah, Cathy, and Robert

Grandpa Robert Lee with grandson Robert Lee

Grandpa and Matthew July 11, 2005

Grandma and Robert

Grandpa and Matthew

Noe and Noah

Grandpa, Grandma, Noah, Matthew, and Robert July 12, 2005

Hands full!

Grandpa and Leigha


Leigha, Grandpa, Smokey, Grandma, and Robert

Grandma's little boys....Noah, Matthew, and Robert

Grandma and Leigha

Robert scooted himself off the pillow July 17, 2005

Noah hanging out



Aunt Bobbie and Noah

Aunt Bobbie, Noah, and Leigha

Robert and Matthew July 18, 2005

Robert July 19, 2005

Noe feeding Noah


Robert, Noah, and Matthew July 20, 2005

Matthew, Robert, and Noah

Robert, Noah, and Matthew

Robert, Noah, and Matthew

Robert, Noah, and Matthew

Leigha and Matthew July 23, 2005

Noah and Robert July 24, 2005

Noah and Robert watching their big sister pretend to sleep

Noah, Robert, and Leigha

Cathy giving Noah's face a mini break from oxygen July 27, 2005

Leigha in her pretty new shirt from Aunt Bobbie


Robert is a CLEAN baby! July 31, 2005