January 2007

Aunt Bobbie is so smart, she knows just how to manage ice cream portion control! January 5, 2007

Leigha loves having a mini ice cream cone!

Matthew (as well as Robert and Noah) loves the animal flashlights!

Mom, does light usually come out of an animals mouth?


Uncle Jerry, you really have to let the boys play with the flashlights

Leigha, can you talk him into sharing?

Uncle Jerry and Leigha

What was that??


Noah can read! Hey, at least he has it the right direction!


Uncle Jerry and Leigha

Aunt Bobbie and Robert

Aren't I cute?

Mom, don't take them away!

I have to WALK in them?

Cathy and Robert

I used to think the flashlights were the boys' favorite toys, now I am not sure it's not Uncle Jerry's!

Do you see a pattern here?

Uncle Jerry and Robert

Noah running to the bath!

Not exactly his favorite part

This is his same reaction as when you bring a washcloth to his face after eating

Is it safe? Can we play? Robert and Noah

Bath time equal fun time! (Not for mom!)

Don't we look cute? (As we are getting ready to release gallons of water onto the floor?)

Matthew holding on for dear life as Noah pushes his way through

Don't you just wonder what he's reaching for? Robert, Noah, and Matthew

It's a good thing that Noah isn't the greatest at filling that cup!

OK, doll houses really shouldn't be on a train table. Can you find what else shouldn't be?


Ella (aka Poopy doll) January 6, 2007

Leigha is about to feed Ella (mom has been looking forward to this since Christmas, ugh)

A half hour after she fed the bananas, Ella giggled and said, "Uh oh, I made a stinky." That was the first and last time Ella was fed, that diaper was worse than the boys!

Who needs dogs? January 10, 2007

At least Robert is trying to use a fork. That's progress, right?

Yummy! They taste better once I have thrown them on the floor!

Next time I will just serve Robert and Noah on the floor. Maybe they will throw the food onto a plate?

Noah (and Robert begging for food from Uncle Jerry) January 14, 2007

We love when Uncle Jerry and Aunt Bobbie come to play!

Leigha, Uncle Jerry, and Robert



Can't you just imagine that laugh?

The devious bat! (Robert)

Matthew's having fun with the mask!



OK, I am done!

OK, I guess Aunt Bobbie isn't ready for me to be done quite yet!

Uncle Jerry and Noah

Aunt Bobbie and Noah


The meeting of the minds

I am not sure who looked better in the mask?

Robert has two new pets, a puppy and a yo-yo!

Uh oh, Noah is looking at those pets like he wants one (or both!)

No, Robert, you aren't proving to us that you are ready to care for a dog!

Maybe you can get your own Yo-Yo!


Noah is our builder!

He can build the towers taller than I can!

Leigha finished her puzzle! (With the help of Aunt Bobbie)


The boys are all getting comfy on the couch!

Smokey loves hanging out with Uncle Jerry, too!

Leigha is fixing the vaccuum for Robert

Do you see the potential fight? Robert and Noah

Relaxing is hard work!

Do you see Noah's grip on Smokey? Do you see Smokey moving?

Noah and Uncle Jerry

I have taught Robert well!

I can't wait until he can push the Dyson around!

I can almost see a clean house in my future (don't wake me up, please!)

Hey, Robert, NO sitting down on the job!

Leigha loves washing dishes when Aunt Bobbie is over. I won't forget this Leigha!

Matthew is inspecting my poor cleaning job on the back of Robert's chair.


Look how well he pushes himself up these days!


And the race is off...

Noah pulls ahead because Robert is too busy looking at the room they haven't gained access to!

Noah is still in the lead, but here comes Matthew!!

The race continue, but uh oh, Robert is thinking he can sneak back downstairs!

Think again Robert, Leigha is on your tail!

Matthew is loving the chance to be like his brothers!

Matthew (Noe dressed him, I was at school when they woke up) January 18, 2007


Don't they look like they are playing nicely together?

There is no fighting going on here (Aunt Bobbie takes pictures to prove that they are angles for her?!

Matthew, Noah, and Robert

It's so fun to watch them!

Baby Tad and Lily are some of the favorites!


Matthew is really concentrating!

I love you, Aunt Bobbie!

Aunt Bobbie has more guts than I do, she takes pictures of sleeping babies! Robert



This is what my laundry room looked like 45 minutes AFTER I started cleaning the sea of blue mess that covered the ENTIRE floor!

Note to self, don't assume that it was the broom that fell!

Have you ever tried to clean up 300 oz of Tide?

While Aunt Bobbie was playing with the boys, Leigha and I snuck away to see Disney on Ice!

Since I used to skate with the show, we were able to meet Mickey and Minnie afterwards!

Leigha and Minnie sharing a hug!

Leigha became shy awfully fast!

Leigha and Minnie

Now this is a great way to spend a school night!

A hug for Mickey, too!

Mickey Mouse and Leigha

Goodbye Mickey and Minnie!

Thank you Chantal and Richard! Every year I just assume that there is no one left on the tour that I would know.

Every year I am wrong! Chantal is now the Company Manager of this tour and Richard is still skating!

Leigha loved the Staron's trampoline! January 20, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday to Sarah, Amanda, and Gregory!

Do you see the size of this backyard? This is only a small section!

Ugh, do you see Leigha getting DIRTY?!

Lucas and Jaxon Grubb

Lucas has no fear!

The birthday boy, Gregory, hitting the biggest pinata I have ever seen.

Leigha, taking her turn, put a hold in it!

Do not treat your bothers this way, Leigha!


Noah loving the freedom!

What's this? Look at all of the rocks I can shove in my mouth later! (Robert)


Sarah and Amanda get to join in the fun as Michele spills out the candy.

The monkey fell off the house, Michele took care of the rest! It's almost as big as Michele!!

Noah playing peek-a-boo!

Don giving Jaxon a ride!

Matthew enjoying the swing. I couldn't imagine letting him roll in dirt, there is only so much I can handle in one day!

Jaxon and Lucas


Noah, don't even think about it!

Still swinging away!

Probably holding on for dear life too!

Do you see that this yard is still going on and on and on...

Cathy and Matthew

Noah enjoyed different toys (look at Matthew proping himself up in back!)

What? Am I busted? (Robert)

Wyatt needs a little sister!

Matthew didn't care if I was around or not!

I will be honest, I was petrified at the idea of my kids not being buckled down while eating PIZZA!?

This was just a few families, of triplets, that is!

Overall, Robert and Noah did a great job! I think they liked being able to eat and walk around!

Michele and Greg had put an extra carpet, that someone had given them, over their regular carpet. They could have cared less if the kids smooshed it into the floor!

Yummy pizza! Mom still had to put the bibs on us.

Happy Third Birthday, Sarah, Gregory, and Amanda!

It's been three years!

Almost time to dig in!

Matthew loved watching all the kids around him!

Singing Happy Birthday was fun!

Michele had the bright idea for me to give Matthew a cupcake. The kid who still eats baby food.

It was great until it hit his tongue and he started gagging. Michele admitted later that she freaked out!

After the party we had visitors! Aunt Raquel and cousin Natasha (along with Mam and Uncle Felix) came over for a visit!

Look at the airplane, Mom! January 24, 2007

We are ready to go! Matthew, Robert, and Noah

Leigha loves taking walks with her brothers, but it was time to head back in.

Noah learned how to climb on furniture and climb OVER furniture all in one day!

Noah and Robert

Noah showing off! Too bad he doesn't know how to climb back down yet!

So it's over the couch he goes!

Am I in trouble?

Watching TV is not boring anymore!

Matthew wants to do it too! Some day!

Noah, Matthew, and Robert thought they could sneak into the garage!

If I hadn't run over there (after taking the picture) Matthew would have gone head first down that step. He has no fear!

So instead, Robert will step over (on) him!

Once again, a garage floor is not exactly where I wanted Matthew rolling around! That chair was not sturdy either!

Matthew zooming around the kitchen! January 28, 2007


Matthew and Noah

Robert will use ANYTHING as a chair these days. Matthew loved going through the bins!

Who me?

Mom and Dad are mean, they don't give us enough toys to play with (make a mess with!)

Matthew stood by himself (holding on to the table) but do you think Aunt Bobbie could get him to do it for the camera? Heck no!

Leigha's doll house offers lots of entertainment for the boys. Peek-a-boo Matthew, I see you!

Aunt Bobbie and Robert

Our boys get to have fun playing with Leigha's toys! No gender specific toys here!

Aunt Bobbie is fun to play with!

Matthew loves the ponies!

I hope Noah doesn't grow up to think it's OK to eat out of the sink?!

Matthew thinks Aunt Bobbie is silly!

Two can play at that game!

Matthew sitting up at the table like a big boy!

Now do you see why Santa brought a big kitchen? Everyone fits!

How many pictures does it take to get everyone looking at the camera (forget smiling)? We don't know, we gave up!

Leigha showed the boys that they don't need the pans to set the noises off, there is a button to push!

Yes, I am eating my words again. My boys are often seen pacing, dancing, and running around on that table.

Uncle Jerry and Matthew

Noah REALLY wants that pig!

Hard to climb over AND watch TV at the same time!

Almost there...

Robert has nothing to prove, he's been climbing over for a long time!

Noah is often found between the cushions and the back of the couch!

Matthew's turn, with a bit of help!

and over he goes!

Matthew made a touchdown!

Mommy used to pull her hair out when I climbed over, now she could care less as long as we don't scream.

It's a standoff!

Here we go again! Noah just wants to prove that he can do it!

Look at the style, holding his head up high!

Here I come!

What on Earth are Uncle Jerry and Robert watching?!

Noah back in his cozy place!

That's funny, Uncle Jerry!

Leigha and Mam January 29, 2007

Cathy, Mam, Noah, Matthew, and Robert

Noe, Mam, and the boys

Noe and his mom! It's tough saying goodbye.