Homecoming Day June 28, 2005

Woo hoo! We are going home! (Robert) June 28, 2005



Jennifer, Maria, and Stephanie

Caroline and Noah

Noah without oxygen

Shari and Noah

Noah's ready to go!

Robert cannot believe they are releasing him with THATthing on his belly!


Matthew drowning in his outfit


Noah is already out like a light!

Two down, one to go

Stephanie, Shari, Carol, Caroline, Cathy, and the boys

Ready to go!

Matthew, Noah, and Robert (front to back)




Cathy and the boys are heading out!

Myrna and the boys

Caroline and the boys

Cathy and Leigha on the way to see the boys

Cathy and Leigha

OHHH, my baby brothers are here!

Happy days for the Ybarra family!

Pulling in to the driveway with the new minivan (gulp)

Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jerry were there to greet us

Cathy and Matthew

Noe and Cathy getting ready to unload the boys

Leigha checking out the accessories

Uncle Jerry and Noe

Leigha, Cathy, Uncle Jerry, Noe, and the boys home at last

Where to start?



Noah (do I look comfortable?)

Cathy, Leigha, and Noah

The boys and their equipment

Our family is finally complete