December 2006

Linda Lester (the soon-to-be Mrs. Beach!) December 2, 2006

Tim proposed to Linda the day they arrived in Las Vegas!

They were married in Elvis' Little White Chapel

Elvis walked (and sang) Linda down the aisle!

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Beach

Elvis, Linda, and Tim

Tim and Linda in front of the Chapel (man it was freezing!)

Gotta love those sunglasses!

Time and Linda

Linda and I toured together with Disney on Ice

Tim and Linda

The newlyweds!

All smiles for Uncle Jerry! December 8, 2006

Noah, Matthew, and Robert

Noah is so proud of himself!

Uncle Jerry, Matthew, and Robert


Leigha made Matthew laugh so hard!

Robert, Noah, and Matthew

Robert, Noah, and Matthew love their little seats! December 13, 2006

Look at how nice they are playing! Don't blink!

Matthew is trying to wait patiently for his turn!

Robert, Noah, and Matthew

Ta Da!


Matthew loves his rings!

Don't I look adorable? Matthew

Noah and his buddy, Smokey!

How many teeth do you have, Smokey?



Robert's getting ready for football!

Peek-a-boo! I see you!

I see you, Robert!

Ahhh, a foot rest, just like Daddy (Noah)

Robert, the future model!

Oh no, the climbing is getting out of control! Matthew and Robert


Ah-ha! This is a great view! However, this hurts my feet! Robert

Is she looking? Noah

Robert and Noah sat down to read!

Stretch! Robert is copying the book!

Noah brought Matthew a book.



Leigha and Matthew

Leigha and her messy desk. I have no idea where she gets that from!?

Time for naps! Robert

Yes, Robert, everyone is coming!




Matthew starts the game of throwing the Lovies over the railing!

Robert saying his last goodbyes!

Robert and Noah get a chance of freedom during Matthew's physical therapy. December 14, 2006


This is a fun room!


Robert and Noah found lots of goodies in Leigha's playroom!

Uh oh, Leigha will have to learn to share her dolls!

Noah pulled up his seat and jumped right in!

Noah likes Leigha's My Little Ponies

Dad's worst nightmare coming true!

Uh oh, here comes the power struggle!

Robert and Noah

Looks like Matthew got there first!

Noah's trying to nudge his way in!

Robert, Noah, and Matthew

Robert loves to spin around and try to look out the corner of his eye!



Robert and Noah


Leigha sporting her reindeer antlers!

Ride 'em, Leigha!

Leap Deer!

Monkey see, Monkey do!

Leigha, Matthew, Robert, and Noah December 15, 2006

Getting a good picture takes about 100 tries!

It's a good thing that they have digital cameras now!

Merry Christmas from the Ybarra Family!

The Grubb Triplets

Cathy is so popular when she has food!

Noah was getting tired of waiting to see Santa! December 16, 2006

Poor Santa, you have to feel a little bit sorry for him! December 16, 2006


Matthew enjoyed seeing Santa!

Noah loved his hat, for a split second!

Jeff Comitor, Noah, Sharon Comitor Boudreax, and Matthew December 16, 2006

Meeting the Comitor family for the first time!

Connie Comitor and Matthew

Visiting old friends!

Bob Comitor and Robert

Bob and Robert

Robert wasn't too sure about being a reindeer!

Sharon was a good sport!

Robert, Noah, and Matthew

As long as they have toys, they are happy campers!

It's snowing in Las Vegas! December 19, 2006

It's been 8 years since it last snowed!

Noah and I were up early to go to the hospital for his procedure.

I was afraid that Leigha would miss it!

It's 5 a.m.

I didn't plan on leaving time for scraping my windows!

Noah was able to play before he was taken back!

Who me? I am not doing anything!

Ah, just like home. Noah can turn it off and on whenever he likes!


Uh-oh, he's catching on!

Everytime we go to the hospital, he is more and more active!

More time to wait/play!

Noah wasn't too sure of what to think!

His face was so sad, as they took him away!

You would never have known that he just left the hospital! Everything is great when Signing Time! is on!

The view from the driver's seat!

Black Mountain is now White Mountain!

Kids were already sledding at the little park down the street.

This is a rare sight in Las Vegas!

Still enough time for me to make a snowman with Leigha!

The last time I attempted to make a snowman in Las Vegas, it was a dirty one! This time we will use the snow from Noe's car!

Ta da! Leigha was thrilled to make a snowman!

Our "dirty" masterpiece!

Awww, kisses for the snowman!

Hurry, before he melts!

Happy 8th Anniversary, Noe!

Uncle Jerry. Noah, and Robert December 23, 2006

Ashley, Uncle Jerry, Clint, and the kids!

Christmas came early!

Ashley and Clint brought the kids their presents.

They were having a blast!

Leigha got gingerbread house kit!

Matthew was just enjoying the paper!

That was even better than the actualy gift!

Uncle Jerry wanted to play! (Robert)

Noah decided he wanted in on the action!


Noe, Noah, and Clint

Lily was a big hit!

Look at Matthew standing, with Noe's help!

Unlce Jerry, Matthew, Noe, and Robert

Look at Matthew go!

Noe works a lot with Matthew!

Peek-a-boo, Noah!

Uncle Jerry and Robert

It's a good thing he hasn't eaten yet!

What's in your pocket, Uncle Jerry?

Robert was getting tickled!

Aunt Bobbie, Ashley, and Leigha

Ashely gave Leigha the gingerbread house kit, but she had to stay to help her put it together!

Clint is such a good sport! The headband is his color, just not his size!

Clint, Noah, and Matthew

Look at the serious faces! Who knew this would be so hard?!

Matthew, Robert, and Noah are checking Baby Lily!

Who needs presents? Just give Uncle Jerry and the kids some wrapping paper!

Uncle Jerry and Noah



Clint, Noah, and Matthew

Checking in on the gingerbread house. It's looking good!

Uncle Jerry and Matthew

Wow! Look at me!


Aunt Bobbie, Clint, Ashley, and Leigha

They are making great progress!

How many candies do you think Leigha has eaten?

The finished product!

Robert and Clint

Clint is fun!



Peek-a-boo, Matthew!


What a great view!

Mom. can you feed me soon? Noah


There goes Uncle Jerry again! He loves to give the boys Diet Coke!

Matthew and Clint

Clint is getting a work out with my kids!

Matthew and Clint

Open up, Clint!

Noah's turn to get some Diet Coke! I better start hiding my drinks!

Noah broke the bag!

Look what I have, Mom!?



Uh-oh, Noah looks worried!

Robert snagged the Diet Coke!

Yes, Robert, I see you!

The Ybarra, Davis, and Page Families!

It's hard to get a good picture of everyone!

It was fun trying, though!

I think that the boys use secret signals to make sure at least one of them is looking in a different direction!

Leigha, Clint, and Ashley

We were so happy to spend the day with them!

What is the deal with guys and remote controls?! Noe and Matthew

Look what Santa brought me?! Leigha December 25, 2006

Look what Santa brought the boys!! A new kitchen!

Mom, look what Santa brought me!

It's Poopy Doll! (a.k.a Baby Alive)

I love you, baby Ella!

Leigha had been begging for Baby Alive!

Leigha had to start opening her presents!

Uncle Lee and Aunt Stephanie sent a bunch of craft items for Leigha!

Leigha's expression says it all!

Grandma and Grandpa sent more crafts!

Matthew wasn't too sure what to think of the wrapped gifts.

The boys were just excited to be roaming around an "off limits" area!

Leigha was STILL opening gifts!


Matthew loved his drum!

Noah was checking out his Zebra flashlight!

Wow! A T.V. on their level!

The gifts keep coming!

Yes, you found the on/off button!

This was great entertainment!

Grandma sent Floam (look-alike)!

Thank you, Daddy!

Leigha with all of her loot!


Leigha gets to make her own crystals!

There is still more?!


It's the boys' turn!

They get a shot at opening gifts!

Matthew loves the TV on his level!

Robert and Noah wanted that radio!

The battle was about to begin!

Mom, can't we go play with the kitchen yet?!

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Bobbie brought more goodies!

Each of the boys received a pair of PJs!

Matthew, Aunt Bobbie, and Uncle Jerry

We were determined to make a mess everywhere!

Robert started cooking immediately!

Robert loved their new kitchen!

He even unwrapped some of my gifts!


Racquel and Natasha

April and Felix

Their first tea party!

It was a hit!

Robert wasn't please that he was kept out of my office

Noah and Robert watched Leigha dance on the dance pad!

Leigha and Robert