Leigha and Amelia

Leigha hosted her cousin Amelia in April of 2003. Here are pix of the pair of very photogenic, playful, poppets.

Exersaucer Time-Share

Helping Hands

The eyes have it!

Puzzling it out

Clap hands! Here comes Amelia!

End of a Long Day

A Zen moment

Sailing in the Living Room

Leigha's Gentle Touch

Amelia wistful

Who's that behind those Foster Grants?

I rarely grant interviews, Dahlink, but for YOU...

In youth, beauty

You look MAH-VEL-US!

I'm too cute for my shades!

What it IS! What it WILL BE!

Sipping Cider with Grandpa

Takes after her grandpa

The sleep of the innocent

Oh, the ignominy! Outweighed by a cat!

Kissed goodnight by angels

Walk a mile in my shoes...

Modesty prevents!


I see you!