August 2006

Leigha at Sunset Park August 4, 2006

Jaxon, Wyatt, and Lucas Grubb

I think they are looking for food!

The Choo Choo Wagon was the center of attraction for all of the boys!

Will we all fit?

Feeding time at the zoo!

The Ybarra and Grubb boys!

Noah was on the loose!


Seriously Mom, I can't walk yet and you expect me to walk on this uneven ground?


Leigha loved going to the park!

The new swings were a definite hit!

Now what?

Lucas has a fascination with Noah's mouth

Don, Laura, Jaxon, Lucas, and Wyatt Grubb

Wyatt Grubb

Jaxon Grubb

Lucas Grubb

Lucas, Jaxon, and Wyatt Grubb

Mom finally let us eat messy foods! Robert and Noah

Robert, Smokey, and Noah

Mom will take any break she can from feeding the babies!


Leigha loves the little rides at the Premium Outlet Mall!


Just Leigha's size!

Leigha is afraid to go underwater!


This is her idea of getting used to the water being in her face. Too bad she missed!

Matthew looks great without his oxygen! It will be wonderful when it's gone for good!

Robert and Matthew

Just hanging out!

Robert, Matthew, Leigha, and Noah

Noah and Robert August 20, 2006

They are up to no good!

Robert learned how to climb over the couch. It's just a matter of time before he tries the big couch!

Face plant!

Matthew and Noah

Leigha trying to make herself go underwater

You want me to go down there?

Hmmm...I will have to think about that!

Noah August 23, 2006

Ride 'em, Noah!


How do I get off this thing?

Robert is starting to walk! He took three steps on August 21, 2006.


Robert and Noah

Leigha is very serious about her cartoons!

Robert and Noah

Matthew off in his own world, having fun!

We don't have enough toys. Our parents deprive us! August 26, 2006

Just hanging around and having fun!

Robert and Noah

We won't tell him that's really his sister's dress-up skirt!

Super Robert

Up, up, and away!

Matthew loves his blocks!


Noah and Leigha

Noah looks a bit confused!

Leigha being silly (no wonder Noah is confused?!)

Look at Matthew's cute smile!

It's bubble time! August 27, 2006

Matthew is such a charmer!

They loved the bubbles!

The Grubbs brought over their bubble blower, which is why their kids are more interested in the toys!

Leigha was so excited to do this in the house!

Uh oh, Signing Time must be on the TV now!

Bye bye bubbles!

Leigha on her first day of Kindergarten! August 30, 2006

She had no desire to wake up at first!

It took awhile...

but she finally started to stir!

She realized what today was!

Her BIG day!

Time to get ready for school!

Noe woke up just to see her off!

His little girl is off to school!

Cathy and Leigha

Noe and Leigha

First day of school and she is already complaining about how heavy her backpack is!

Leigha waited in my classroom until the bell rung.

Leigha's kindergarten room!


Official Kindergartener!

Miss VanSelow's Class, Room 1

Leigha loved the drinking fountains everywhere!

Last goodbyes and words of encouragement!

Leigha was ready to go!

Leigha and another student waiting for the day to begin!

Everyone lined up!

Miss VanSelow introduced Leigha to the class!

The day has begun!