September 2006

Leigha wanted to play in the sprinkler! September 2, 2006

Too bad it causes our grass to flood!

Mud puddles everywhere!

Leigha had a great time!


Bellagio Hotel September 3, 2006

Leigha and Mam (Noe's mom) at the Bellagio

Noe, Mam, and Leigha got to hang out on the strip for the day!


Leigha and Mam

Bellagio has a large room where they redecorate every month or two!

Mam and Leigha

Mam, Leigha, and Matthew

Getting in the last minute hugs before Mam goes back to Corpus Christi, TX

Two of them and they are still a handful!

Mam, Noah, Matthew, Robert, and Leigha

Mam and her grandchildren

It's hard getting their attention at the same time!

Noah took his first steps today! September 4, 2006


The diaper kept weighing him down!

Robert and Noah love playing with each other around the corner!

Mom, won't you change my diaper? I am having a hard time keeping my balance!

Leigha's first family homework assignment! September 11, 2006

She was so proud!

Matthew was getting set up for his sleep study!

The man hooking him up must have never dealt with a one year old before!

I warned him that this wouldn't work! Do you see the tape is almost over his mouth already?

Much better!

This was harder with Matthew. When Robert and Noah had their sleep studies they were infants!

Mobility is not a plus under these circumstances!

What the heck is that?

Cathy and the boys at Gilcrease Orchard in Las Vegas! September 23, 2006

Cathy and Robert

Cathy, Leigha, Matthew, Robert, and Noah

Who would have imagined that Las Vegas would have an orchard?!

Leigha had a great time picking vegetables! I didn't say she likes eating them!


Leigha and the boys

Look what I found!

Leigha picking vegetables



Leigha with the Grubb and Ybarra boys!

Las Vegas Moms of Multiples

Matthew, Robert, and Noah

That's a big squash, Robert!

Noah, Robert, and Matthew

Leigha searched high and low to find vegetables to pick!

She had a great time!

Time to look for apples!


She found a tasty apple!

Noah was a bit upset that Mom wouldn't let her share with him!

This used to be a family room! September 24, 2006

Children have taken over our house!

Even when it's clean, it doesn't look clean!

Clutter has become part of our daily life!

Uh oh, they are all staring at the same toy!

Noah, Robert, and Matthew

Robert is showing off Mom's haircutting techniques!

Noah got it first!

Matthew and Leigha September 27, 2006

Noah loves the train that Grandma sent the boys!


Robert is going to be an artist just like his sister!

Matthew and Smokey love hanging out together!

Noah and Robert having fun in the tub!

They look so innocent!

They aren't!

Matthew rolled all the way over to the bathroom to see what was going on!

Matthew's turn!

Leigha wanted her hair up in a towel like Mom!

Matthew's torture chamber, I mean stander!

He loves being in there, but we have the hardest time getting him positioned correctly!

Leigha was granted permission to play out in the grass when the sprinklers came on!

She was shocked that I said she could stay in her dress!

Robert is up to NO good! October 1, 2006 (yes, I know I have them in the wrong month)

The toy box had been placed in front of the TV to keep grubby 6 grubby little hands from touching it!

So much for that! Now he has an accomplice!