October 2004

October 3

Leigha approves!

Leigha's Playroom

Dining Room

October 10- Master Bath

Upstairs Hallway



October 10

October 13 at Grandma and Grandpa's

Chuck E Cheese

Her new friend

Leigha is a star!

Angel Trumpets in NC

These are beautiful

Time to feed the ducks!


Leigha, the flower lover

Let the fun begin!


I have a message for everyone!

At the park with Caroline and Crista

Double Trouble

Leigha will hit on anyone

Now that looks like fun!


Whoa, this is harder than I thought

Why can't she live closer to me mom?

Grandma gave me preview of her Halloween costume

Time to feed Grandma and Grandpa's fish

Grandma, Grandpa, and Leigha

Look how big the fish are getting!

Sad to say goodbye

But we still have some time for fun!

Getting ready to fly home

Some things never change

Strike a pose!

Grandma and Leigha