March 2005

Amy the wonderful hostess

The Mommy duck and the three baby ducks



Back row: Aunt Bobbie, Jenny, Amy, Kacie, and Amie; Front row: Brittany, Cathy, Laura, and Darcy

Amie, Darcy, and Princess Paige

Leigha and Jacob helping me open gifts

Amy and Kacie

Lost of cute pjs (I didn't dress Leigha)

Cute onesies!

Woo hoo....we got a car seat!

Awww...three ducks and triplet outfits!

Princess Paige

She loves that duck!

Triplet navy osh kosh pants!

Triplet pjs!

Amy, Cathy, and Jacob

The new dining room (Noe's idea)

Leigha's second playroom

Princess Wardrobe

Babies' room (work in progress)

Babies' room

Shelves Noe just built in closet