February 2005

Noe and Leigha (she loves her daddy)

Noe and Leigha

Cathy and Leigha

Leigha plants one on Mommy!

Family Room....do you love our Big Screen TV?

Family Room from the Kitchen viewpoint

Kitchen from Family Room

Kitchen from Laundry Room

Dining Room (see March for current condition lol)

Playroom (see March for changes)

Leigha's new umbrella! (We live in a desert?)

Uncle Jerry and Leigha

Leigha didn't think Mommy's tummy was big enough!

Leigha opening her birthday gift from Uncle Jerry and Aunt Bobbie

Didn't take her long!

I could get used to this!

This is comfy!


Get this tag off please!

Let me test this out

I think it's a hit!

Do they make these Noe sized?

Awww... what a great present!

Just in time for our NEW TV!!!

Now I have my new raincoat! (desert??)

My own birthday celebration and Uncle Jerry's and Aunt Bobbie's!

Making my wish!


Leigha's 4th Birthday Party!


Loving the park!

Colten (the boyfriend)

Noe...the barbeque master

Colten and Leigha

Higher please!


Walking circles around a tree....

Who knew how much fun this could be?

The park

It's time for the wagon rides!

The adults hanging out

Hey girls, it's my turn!

This girl has got to be tired!

Cake time!

Birthday Girl!

I am 4 years old!

The whole group

Blowing out the candle

Jake, Kaylee, Kayla, and Leigha

Jake, Colten, and Leigha...the preschool Trio

Colten and Jake

Look at that hair!

Colten and Leigha


Uncle Jerry and Leigha

Uncle Jerry's turn!


Loving the slide!


Look at my loot!

The end of a great party!

Time to open the presents!

Bubble Typhoon

My Little Pony

Leigha and Daddy

Leigha and Mommy

This is fun!


Barbie Jeep

Polly Pocket Roller Coaster

Princess clothes!

More Polly Pockets!

Barbie Dress-up suitcase

Disney Princess movie!


Leigha at Kaylee's Birthday Party