April 2006

Leigha loves her new outfit April 1, 2006

Close up

I am really trying to keep my eyes open Mom!

The four boys lounging around

Robert, Matthew, and Noah

AKA 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3

The TV is more exciting than Mom!

Leigha, Matthew, and Noah

Leigha, Matthew, Noah, and Robert

Showing off the outfits that Tara sent us!

Noe and Robert (have to love the deer in headlights look) April 2, 2006

Robert is mobile! Look out everyone else! April 7, 2006

He is coming for my camera and Noah is clapping for him!



Noah is trying to crawl over

The four lazy boys (Smokey in the middle)

Robert holding on for dear life to Noah's exersaucer. Matthew is loving the Jumparoo!

It's 1 am, of course they are tired! April 8, 2006

Leigha and Hailey at their first soccer game!

Leigha is at the far right

Trying to teach the kids how to do the line-up at the end is proving more difficult than one would have thought!


Leigha in her Orange Crush uniform

Did I mention that her first and second games were double headers?! FOR FOUR AND FIVE YEAR OLDS!?

Noah splishin' and a splashin' April 12, 2006

Leigha and Noah


Robert's taking his turn splashing the water!


Matthew getting ready for dinner! April 13, 2006

Come on Mom! Bring it on!!

Robert's ready too!


How much longer do we have to wait Mom?

Noe giving Noah his breathing treatment for Croup April 14, 2006

Easter morning! April 16, 2006

Leigha LOVED her basket of goodies!

Who is the parent and who is the sleeping child? Matthew's in charge now!

Noah and Robert just hanging out!

This is typically what it looks like as I load them in their cribs for their nap (Robert)

Matthew peeking through the bumper!

Robert peeking through! His crib was lowered since he is the most likely to take a flying leap out of there!

Noah loves to spy on his brothers!

It's really hard to sneak by their rooms without two nosey babies peeking at you!

This is what I see everytime Noah wakes up!

Proud Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jerry with their nephews and neice!

It's fun times when Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jerry come for a visit!

Easter Bunny with his hands full! Matthew, Robert, Noah, and Leigha (click on picture to see a clear one)

The Ybarra and Grubb Triplets April 21, 2006

4 sets of triplets

The Ybarra's and Grubb's

The Grubb and Ybarra families

Robert and Noah


Hanging out at a playdate

This is what a playdate looks like when you have 6 moms together who all have triplets and then some!

Robert, Noah, and Matthew

The boys!

Robert and Matthew

Matthew, Robert, and Noah

The Grubbs and Robert

The Grubb and Ybarra families at the Summerlin NICU reunion April 22, 2006

We were the spectacles

The Grubbs in the Runabout and the Ybarras in the Triple Decker

Dr. Leitner, Matthew, Noah, and Robert (he was not feeling good)

Cathy, Robert, Noah, Dr. Asadifir, and Matthew

Dr. Leitner, Don, Dr. Asadifir, Cathy, Laura, Leigha, and the Ybarra and Grubb triplets

Jennifer, Shari, Cathy, Robert, Matthew, and Noah

Now you see the o2.....

Now you don't! Laura was just messing around with her photoshop, I thought it was funny to flip back and forth!





Music Central for Leigha, Robert, and Noah April 24, 2006

Leigha, Robert, and Noah

Robert April 27, 2006

This is what happens when you wake kids up a few hours before they should be, not fed, and then take them to a place with a thousand people! Walk America for March of Dimes April 29, 2006

Cathy, Don, and Laura, with our crews! We have officially turned over to the Runabout stroller sniff sniff


Cathy, Leigha, and the tired trio after the walk

Matthew, Noah, and Robert in their T-shirts Linda sent them

Someone is always on the move!

Smokey getting abused!

Obviously, he loves the attention

Matthew, Noah, and Robert


Matthew is multitasking

Matthew loves playing instruments

The whole gang might just be musically inclined!


Robert and Noah fighting over the drums

Matthew hoping they stay there and leave his instrument alone!

Noah and Robert keep escaping to the refrigerator to play with the magnets April 30, 2006

Matthew loves the jumper